From managing existing buildings to developing new projects, New Legacy Development Corp. is committed to incorporating environmentally-friendly practices throughout its business.

Since 2004, New Legacy Development Corp. has been implementing modern and efficient ways to help our environment by recycling all of our construction debris such as concrete, asphalt, metals and soils. These recycled materials are processed and re installed as highly effective new materials.

As developer, New Legacy Development Corp. strives to incorporate the use of many products and designs which are great for the environments, skylights, tank less water heaters, low irrigation landscapes, solar panels and many others. We strive to use Energy Star products at every property we build or renovate.

In the future, as technology advances, we will be researching the many ways to utilize the gifts that nature provides to the fullest, from building to meet LEED Certification to as simple as making our clients/partners aware of what they can do to help the cause. We have made a commitment to install a form of renewable energy at every building we work on, with the goal to have the site generate its own power year round.

We have set a goal to recycle 90% of our construction waste by 2013 and to reach the 100% mark by the middle of 2014.