Rialto Street Improvements


With years if usage the streets and sidewalks of Rialto were deteriorating rapidly.  The City of Rialto contracted with New Legacy Corp. to repair the streets and sidewalks throughout the City.  Using the proper traffic and pedestrian control as well as maintain an orderly, clean and organized operation we were able to deliver outstanding results with no setback.  Thousands of feet of sidewalk, curb and gutters were built.  Thousand of cubic yards of soils were removed or graded to make room for new roads to easy traffic congestion and beautify streets.  We had to coordinate with various schools and businesses so as to not negatively impact the students or residents, due to our carful planning that came out as planned.  We also installed many handicapped ramps to facilitate the path of travel for residents with special needs.  Our staff is always happy and proud to help even in the slightest bit to make life a little easier for those in need.


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