Construction Management


Owners, developers, architects and public agencies rely on New Legacy Development Corp.  to manage project design quality and create control standards needed to complete their projects on time and within budget.   As an experienced representative, we ensure the construction process runs smoothly, monitoring all contracts, materials, methods, and pricing




New Legacy Corp.  works to establish the project’s scope, budget, schedule and project control systems to be utilized and the management plan to be implemented. Project goals are defined and reinforced.


Bid and Award

The New Legacy Corp. Team prepares bid documents, reviews bid responses and awards the contract to a prime contractor or contractors. Advice is given on the type of general contract that best serves the project and the Owner.


Project Controls

Using the leading control systems for conceptual estimating, estimating, cost control, schedule maintenance, document control and claims avoidance, New Legacy Corp. gives Clients an extra edge in controlling project costs.


Constructibility Review

Performed on the design drawings to evaluate alternatives for materials, systems, installation and equipment in order to save both time and money, the Constructibility Review identifies potential logistical issues, such as site access restrictions, and temporary-routes-of-travel requirements.


Project and Design Auditing

In this phase, the New Legacy Corp. Team monitors the production of the design by the consultant team, establishes design activity schedules, holds regular progress meetings with the design team, and coordinates activities of the individual consultants.


Design Coordination

By clearly defining the project goals and conducting focused design review meetings, New Legacy Development Corp. minimizes wasted time, effort and money.


Value Management

Simply put, it’s the analysis of alternatives; a program of workshops that illuminate cost and timesaving opportunities.


To ensure that projects are better planned, designed and executed, we  also offer the following services:

  • Preconstruction Conference
  • MBE/WBE Programs
  • Schedule Documents
  • Cost Estimating
  • Team Meetings
  • Value Management
  • Constructibility Reviews
  • Cost Control Documentation
  • Quality Control Programs
  • Monthly Payment Requests
  • Monthly Project Status Reports
  • Budget Updates
  • Change Order Request Management
  • Claims Prevention/Management
  • Close-out